WDI Staff

Executive Committee

  • Tom Davis, Chair
    City Block Apartments
  • Andrew Cooke, Vice Chair
    McKinley Building
  • Randy Reeves, Treasurer
    Wells Insurance
  • Jean Lawler, Secretary
    Wilmington International Airport
  • Laurence Nadeau, Grants Committee Chair
    Creative Commercial Properties
  • McKay Siegel, Downtown Development Committee Chair
    East West Partners
  • Mike Lardieri, Sponsorships Committee Chair
    Homes for Sale in Wilmington
  • Luke Waddell, City Council Representative
    City of Wilmington
  • Dane Scalise, Commissioner Representative
    New Hanover County

Board of Directors

  • Kaitlyn Rhonehouse
  • Sandra Ray
    District Court Judge - District 5
  • Michael Normandeau
    Reveler Development
  • Richard Formo
    Modern Aviation - ILM
  • Andrew Hewitt
    Parastream Development
  • Tyler Cralle
    Markets & Mortgages
  • Will Daube
    Cadence Realty
  • Miles Lackey
  • Tufanna Bradley
    New Hanover County
  • Fredia Brady
    Convention Center
  • Chris Batten
    Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods
  • Nancy Bullock
    Cotton Exchange
  • Cheryl Hartsoe
    Downtown Business Alliance
  • Gary Coleman
    Cape Fear Spice Merchants
  • Chance Dunbar
    City of Wilmington
  • Rob Kaiser
    Wilmington Business Journal
  • Jan Kennedy
    New Hanover County
  • Shawn Breedlove
    Cape Fear Community College
  • Chris Maher
    Tavern Law
  • Peter Maloff
  • Andrea Troccia
    Corning Credit Union
  • Girard Newkirk
    Genesis Block
  • Patt Noday
    Gray TV- WECT
  • Cliff Pyron
    Wilmington Business Development
  • Jennifer Rigby
    New Hanover County
  • Isabelle Shepherd
    Historic Wilmington Foundation
  • Brent Wright

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